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Comment: i need help. my one child...

momm2500 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "US Federal Government Housing Assistance (Grants, Loans) Benefiting: Individual/Family, Low Income, Minority, Veterans"

i need help. my one child was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. i lost my job back on 8/30/06 since the company decided that it is cheaper to send our work over to India. then my mom got sick in december 2006. i ended up loosing both parents one on 1/26/07 and then another on the night of the funeral on 2/1/07. then on 4/1/07 my son was assulted and now has a broken jaw-which has been wired shut. they now put my house up for sheriffs sale and i have no where to go. i need help to save my home. i can not move since noone will take us cause my credit is real bad. can someone help us save my house? contributions are welcome.
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 in response to momm2500...   G-d,
Please bless this woman & provide for all her needs. Amen.
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i will give you an update, lost house.......and after all that had happened above in my message, another one of my kids was told that his cancer came since 2007 we have been dealing with this and lost my child in 2009. now, no job, no house, and no child. no one seems to help us out there. they say my husbands income is too much for any aid. can you believe we have been denied all aid cause my husband makes $20 above the poverty level. yep, just $20 and that is it. if it was $1 below, then we could get all the help we can but no one will give it to us. i am lost........noone to help us.

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